Pyusha Chatterjee

A journalist, Pyusha has previously worked with media organisations including The New Indian Express and Hindustan Times. A solo traveller by choice, she loves exploring life more than anything else, after food of course. When she isn't gardening, writing, reading, cooking or singing out loud, you can spot her watching films and series, debating with friends or organising things unnecessarily.


Recent Articles by Pyusha Chatterjee

Southeast Asia

Your Guide To The Best Christmas Light Displays In Singapore

Explore the magic of Christmas lights and decorations in Singapore and uncover the festive spirit with our comprehensive guide.


Lighthouses Through Ages: Still Standing Tall, Still Telling Tales

Uncover the rich history and timeless allure of the world's oldest and best lighthouses that have guided sailors for centuries.


Hong Kong Passport Holders Granted Visa-Free Access To Angola And Kyrgyzstan

With the addition of Angola and Kyrgyzstan, Hong Kong passport holders now enjoy visa-free access to 171 countries.


Exploring The World's Oldest Temples For A Time-Travelling Spiritual Quest

Explore our list of the world's oldest temples to learn more about these ancient spiritual beacons shrouded in the mystique of bygone eras.


2024 Wanderlust: Must-Visit Destinations In India For Your Travel Wishlist

Looking for the best places to visit in India in 2024? Our comprehensive list of stunning destinations across the country is all you need.


Cambodia's Crown Jewel Named The Eighth Wonder Of The World

One of the top attractions of Siem Reap in Cambodia, Angkor Wat has surpassed Italy's Pompeii to become the eighth Wonder of The World.


Into The Heart Of The Wild: Get Up Close With Wildlife At Africa's National Parks

Our roundup of some of the best national parks in Africa will guide you towards an unforgettable African wildlife safari experience.


Globetrot With Confidence: Meet 2024's Safest Countries And Cities!

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection's report on Safest Places to Travel in 2024 features 15 countries and 15 cities from around the world.


Journey Through The World's Most Spectacular Skylines

A defining feature that sets one city apart from another is its mesmerising skyline. Check out the best skylines in the world with photos.


Love Anime? Visit These Stunning Locations To Recreate Your Favourite Scenes

If you are an anime enthusiast and wondering if it is possible to visit the gorgeous anime locations in real life, we have you covered.


Beyond Borders: Countries Where You Can Cross International Frontiers On Foot!

Ever thought of cross-country travel on foot? Here is a list of countries with international borders that can be simply crossed by walking.


Pack Your Bags And Head To The Most Visited Countries In The World

If you’re seeking more reasons to plan your visit to the most visited countries in the world, we have got you covered. Keep scrolling.

Beaches & Islands

Malaysia's Coastal Charms: Your Ticket To Fun In The Sun

Explore these beaches in Malaysia for a rejuvenating sun bath experience in your next vacation. Check out the locations & best time to visit.

Wellness & Spas

Rejuvenate At These Hotels In Indonesia With The Best Spa Services To Align Your Chakras

Looking to rejuvenate at one of the best spas in Indonesia, especially Bali? We have some excellent recommendations for you.


From Kyoto To Kashmir: Explore Asia's Diverse Fall Foliage Wonders

Planning your next vacation? Draw inspiration from our curated list of places in Asia where you can see fall foliage at its best.


Hang Tight And Jump High: Explore The World's Ultimate Bungee Destinations

Whether you are hesitant to take the plunge or excited to go for it, this guide to the best bungee jumping spots might be just what you need.

Beaches & Islands

Hidden Treasures: Exploring Shipwrecked Marvels Across the Globe

Doesn’t exploring the mysteries surrounding shipwrecks sound intriguing? Check out some such locations at numerous beaches around the world.

Wellness & Spas

Unwind At These Luxury Spas In Singapore For That Much-Needed Relaxation

Singapore doesn’t shy from treating its guests to an otherworldly experience owing to the enticing list of luxury spas it has.


Forsaken Tales! 14 Of The Most Popular Abandoned Hotels Around The World

From Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada to Hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik, Croatia, we have rounded up some of the famous abandoned hotels.


Explore The Historical Side Of Japan Through These UNESCO World Heritage Sites

With 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Japan is ideal for those who like to explore the historical and environmental aspects of a nation.

Southeast Asia

Experience The Rich Heritage Of Thailand Through These UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Thailand should be on every traveller's must-visit list while visiting the country.

Wellness & Spas

What Is An Onsen And Things You Must Know About Before Visiting One In Japan

The Japanese term 'onsen' translates to 'hot spring' in English and refers to a natural bath with geothermally heated spring water in Japan.

Australia & South Pacific

Sun, Sand, Sea And Surf: Bookmark These Best Beaches In Australia For That Summery Vibe

With over 10,000 glistening beaches spread across its bay, Australia is undoubtedly a haven for beach lovers. Read on to know more.


Unusual Travel Rules You Must Know Before Visiting These Places

Some weird travel rules around the world could get travellers fined or arrested. Know about them before they ruin your vacation.


Experience The Magic Of Monsoons At These Places In July In India

From Cherrapunji in Meghalaya to Orchha in Madhya Pradesh, visit these places in India in July to experience the rains.

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