Destinations 10 Most Expensive Christmas Trees Around The World That You Can Checkout

10 Most Expensive Christmas Trees Around The World That You Can Checkout

Festivity meets luxury in the world's most expensive Christmas trees, which come decked out in diamonds, gold and even cognac.


By Tracy Ann Published on Dec 05, 2023, 01:00 PM

10 Most Expensive Christmas Trees Around The World That You Can Checkout

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and what better way to deck the halls than with a Christmas tree that’s worth its weight in gold (almost literally)? Holiday decor goes beyond tinsel and ornaments, and it’s time to take a twinkling journey through some of the most expensive Christmas trees across the world.

What sets these extravagant Christmas trees apart is their break from tradition. No traditional evergreen boughs here, as our list features designs by sparkle-loving creators who prefer precious gems and metals over natural branches and leaves. After all, during the festivities, a touch of glamour can take the celebrations to a whole new level. So, only for a while, let’s trade the cosy fireplace for a world of opulence where diamonds, gold, and platinum turn an ordinary Christmas tree into a jaw-dropping masterpiece.

10 most expensive Christmas trees around the world

The Emirates Palace Hotel Decorated Christmas Tree (USD 11.4 million/HKD 89,028,870)

worlds most expensive christmas trees
(Image: Courtesy X/@EmiratesPalace)

Abu Dhabi, not exactly synonymous with Christmas, surprised the world in 2010 by presenting the most expensive Christmas tree in history. Housed in the luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel, the tree itself wasn’t the costly part. Rather, it was the extravagant decorations that sent the price soaring. The tree is lavishly decorated with an array of gilded ornaments, including gold and jewel-encrusted baubles, creating a stunning visual spectacle. Gold is one of the hotel’s signature features, and it’s prominently featured in the Christmas tree’s design. Crowning the towering masterpiece is a star crafted from pure gold and adorned with diamonds and precious gems, significantly enhancing its value.

From bracelets and necklaces to watches and other unusually expensive ornaments, the tree is collectively adorned with a stunning array of 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, and various other precious gemstones. Its impressive size, often towering over 43 feet, not only contributes to its grandeur but also requires an abundance of decorations, further elevating its cost.

Situated in the hotel’s grand atrium, this show-stopping fixture offers guests an immersive and luxurious festive experience, with the spectacular backdrop of the Emirates Palace Hotel enhancing the tree’s opulence, making it a symbol of extravagance and holiday spirit.

As reported by the BBC, the tree itself is valued at a modest USD 10,000 (HKD 78,095), but the jewellery adorning it, as stated by the hotel’s general manager Hans Olbertz, elevates its total worth to over USD 11 million (HKD 85,905,050). According to reports, the hotel has 24/7 security including four dedicated security guards closely watching the space. Phew!

Ginza Tanaka Disney Gold Christmas Tree (USD 4.2 million)

worlds most expensive christmas trees
(Image: Courtesy X/Ginza_Tanaka)

Ginza, Tokyo doesn’t clinch the top spot, but its solid gold creation is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Standing 2.4 metres tall, this USD 4.27 million (HKD 33,346,778) Christmas tree features 50 Disney characters crafted in pure gold. Weighing a total of 88 pounds, all in 24k, this tree is a true masterpiece and goes down in history to be one of the most expensive Christmas trees around the world. It took 10 skilled artisans two months to bring this Disney-themed treasure to life, making it a holiday spectacle like no other.

Swarovski’s Tallest Christmas Tree in Asia at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (USD 700,000/HKD 54,66,685)

Worlds most expensive christmas trees
(Image: Courtesy X/@Swarovski)

In 2015, Swarovski, in partnership with Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, unveiled its tallest Christmas tree in Asia. In collaboration with Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, a majestic Christmas tree was put up, impressively standing at 23 metres. It featured 175,000 clear crystals adorning over 3,100 crystal strands, collectively valued at over RM 3 million (USD 700,000/HKD 54,66,685). The tree was proudly showcased in the mall’s Centre Court, radiating its sparkling charm for all to enjoy.

Inspired by Swarovski’s festive collection designed with Miranda Kerr, the Christmas tree included heart, star, and snowflake ornaments, symbolising love, joy, and the spirit of the season. At its pinnacle, a large star-shaped crystallised ornament shone brilliantly, serving as a reminder of hope and the future.

Takashimaya Department Store Preserved Rose Mini Christmas Tree (USD 1.8 million/HKD 14,057,190)

worlds most expensive christmas trees
(Image: Courtesy X/Takashimaya.org)

Size isn’t everything when it comes to commanding attention. Takashimaya, Japan, inspired by Parisian flower boutique Claude Quinquaud, created a 40-centimetre (16-inch) tree adorned with preserved roses, each featuring an alleged total of 400 diamonds from Australia and Africa. Diamonds sparkle like dewdrops on the petals, making this tree a true masterpiece. An accompanying diamond pendant lends an added touch of luxury to this USD 1.8 million (HKD 14,057,190) creation.

Ginza Tanaka Jewelry Shop – Tabletop Tree (USD 1.95 million/HKD 15,228,622)

Ginza Tanaka, the renowned Japanese jewellery company, is celebrated for its craftsmanship in unconventional items. Its portfolio boasts a remarkable array of creations, including a dress meticulously assembled from precious coins, a swimsuit intricately woven from the finest gold threads, a calendar crafted entirely from this noble metal, and even a Santa Claus figurine.

However, the crowning jewel of the collection lies in its exquisite assortment of Christmas trees, each meticulously handcrafted from pure gold. In 2016, Ginza Tanaka in Tokyo took the stage with a 6.6-foot Christmas tree made from 42 pounds of pure 24-carat gold processed into thin golden wires. One of the world’s most expensive Christmas trees, this tree spreads Christmas cheer with a generous touch of grandeur.

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Washington DC Capitol Christmas Tree (USD 1 million/HKD 78,09,550)

World's most expensive christmas trees
(Image: Courtesy Wikipedia)

In Washington, D.C., the tradition of a grand Christmas tree continues, dating back to 1964. This massive tree, sometimes exceeding 20 metres in height, is replanted right in front of the White House, roots and all, once it’s holiday-ready. Adorned with thousands of light bulbs, the logistics of transporting this conifer while ensuring its roots remain intact make it a million-dollar spectacle that both locals and visitors eagerly anticipate.

The price for putting on this extravagant display? A whopping USD 1 million (HKD 78,09,550).

Soo Kee Jewellery Diamond Tree (USD 1 million/HKD 78,09,550)

World's most expensive christmas trees
(Image: Courtesy X/@skjewellerygroup)

In 2007, Singapore’s Bugis Junction shopping mall commissioned local jeweller Soo Kee to create a 6-metre, 3-ton Christmas tree adorned with 21,798 diamonds totalling 913 carats. With 3,762 crystal beads and 500 light bulbs, this dazzling creation was a sight to behold. To protect the expensive tree, it was placed under 24/7 surveillance, ensuring every precious gem remained untouched and secure.

Steve Quick Jewelers Gold Tabletop Tree (USD 500,000/HKD 39,04,775)

worlds most expensive christmas trees
(Image: Courtesy stevequickjeweler)

In 2007, jeweller Steve Quick set out to create an elegant and charitable masterpiece. Fashioned from 18k of solid gold, this glistening Christmas tree is scattered with diamonds, evoking the image of crisp snow. Topping this golden creation is a star made from platinum and a 4.52-carat diamond, which can be detached and used as a pendant. An eBay auction of this exquisite tree raised funds for the American Cancer Society. Quick also introduced more affordable silver and gold-plated versions, ensuring that everyone could enjoy a touch of luxury.

12 Kg Ginza Tanaka Christmas Tree (USD 468,000/HKD 36,54,869)

worlds most expensive christmas trees
(Image: Courtesy Ginza Tanaka)

Tokyo’s Ginza Tanaka, known for its affinity for gold, created a 12-kilogram solid gold Christmas tree, which, in today’s currency, is valued at USD 468,000 (HKD 36,54,869). Ginza, historically known as a mint, holds a reputation as a place where money was coined. It’s not just famous for its gold creations but also for its astronomical land values. Westerners find themselves right at home in this vibrant district, which has embraced Western influences since the 1872 fire that transformed the area. Ginza Tanaka’s creations are so opulent, that it’s no surprise the company features on the list of the most expensive Christmas trees more than once.

Sofitel London St. James Black Tree Decorated with Cognac (USD 55,000/HKD 429,525)

(Image: Courtesy Sofitel)

Over in London, the Sofitel London St. James Hotel pays homage to the city’s unique blend of pub culture and posh elegance. Their Christmas tree, priced at USD 55,000 (HKD 429,525), is far from traditional. It features a seemingly ordinary metal frame adorned with 200 miniature 24k gold bottles containing Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac.

Handcrafted by Baccarat masters, this tree also boasts an exclusive smoky-blue chandelier. To make the experience even more special, the hotel offered guests the chance to indulge in a USD 3,600 (HKD 28,114) Christmas spa package, complete with a gift of exquisite Baccarat decorations. Caution is advised when navigating this spectacular creation; starting from the top might be wise to avoid a potentially dizzying mishap.

Which of the most expensive Christmas trees in the world is your favourite?

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