Priyaja Bakshi

Priyaja took her love for reading to the next level by majoring in English and minoring in Journalism at Lady Shri Ram College For Women (DU). She is extremely curious about the world and wishes to visit all the countries once in her life. She identifies as a foodie and loves to spend her free time exploring different cuisine and curating new dishes. As a former Food Writer at NDTV, she can help you find the best places to eat in Delhi!


Recent Articles by Priyaja Bakshi


Weather Watch For Travellers: Prepare For Rain, Snow, And More In Europe This December

Weather reports indicate that December 2023 is witnessing the "snowiest start to a meteorological winter since 2010" in Europe.


Sweet Dreams Await: Book Your Golden Ticket To Willy Wonka's Suites Now

Indulge your love for candy or Willy Wonka by booking your stay at these exclusive 'Wonka's Sweet Suites' — a dream come true!


Aurora Anomaly? Demystifying The Blood-Red Skies Over Mongolia And Japan

Three geomagnetic storms resulted in the most robust red aurora displays in the skies over Japan and Mongolia.


Nomad-Friendly Nations: Spain And Top Nine Countries For Seamless Work And Travel

Since the launch of its digital nomad visa in early 2023, Spain has surpassed several countries that have been offering such visas for years.


China Grants Visa-Free Entry To Six Countries, Including Malaysia

China is set to open visa-free entry to citizens of Malaysia and five other nations for tourism, business, transit and visiting relatives.


Fly For Free From Hong Kong To Bangkok And Taipei - Here's How!

Hong Kong International Airport is offering a way for travellers to secure free round-trip flight tickets from Hong Kong to Bangkok or Taipei


Explore And Work: Peru Paves The Way For Digital Nomads With Visa Offering

Peru is set to launch its digital nomad visa, inviting remote workers to create workspaces in this South American paradise.


Embark On A Love-Filled Journey To The Best Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

From the tropical paradise of the Maldives to the vibrant streets of Tokyo, explore the best honeymoon destinations in Asia.


Embrace Festive Holiday Spirit At These Gorgeous Christmas Destinations Around The World

From snowy retreats to sunny escapes, go on a holiday in these places around the world and revel in their enchanting Christmas festivities.


Catch A Glimpse Of Argylle’s Global Filming Locations

Argylle's trailer offers a tantalising glimpse of the cast and filming locations, and we have uncovered these shooting destinations.


From Sci-Fi To Reality: Eco-Friendly Supersonic Aircraft For 300 Passengers On The Horizon

Named the "Sky OV", the futuristic supersonic aircraft ideates a new design of planes equipped to carry 300 passengers at a speed of Mach 1.2.


Because Your Pet Deserves The Best: The World's Finest Pet-Friendly Hotels

Pet-friendly hotels around the world have made wonderful upgrades to their properties, rolling out red-carpet services for you and your pets!


Navigating Global Village Dubai: Your Ultimate Visitor's Guide

Whether you are already in Dubai or planning a visit soon, exploring Global Village Dubai should be at the top of your bucket list.


Soar To New Heights With The World's Tallest Roller Coasters

Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-pumping journey as we guide you through the tallest roller coasters in the world.


Golden Visas: Your Gateway To Residency In These Countries

If you have been pondering over getting a residence permit or citizenship in another country, you can get a Golden Visa from these nations.


Warm Up Your Winter At These Sun-Kissed Destinations In Europe

Southern Europe is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, leading to sunny winter days that entice you to spend your vacation there.


Journey Into The Mysteries Of Cold Deserts Across The World

Imagine freezing temperatures and wildlife like penguins, snow leopards and whales – that’s the essence of the cold deserts in the world.


Enjoy Living In The Lap Of Luxury By Taking These Expensive Train Rides Across India

These luxury trains offer some of the most expensive rides across India. Enjoy a royal and grand vacation on these trains.


Nationals Of These 111 Countries Get Visa-Free Access To The UK

Passport holders of this list of 111 countries enjoy visiting the UK visa-free, thanks to the visa policies set by the British government.

Southeast Asia

Explore The Timeless Beauty Of Thailand’s Most Famous Temples

Embark on a journey through the most famous temples of Thailand, where the echoes of tradition and time resound.


From The Skies To Diplomacy: All About The Planes Of Prominent World Leaders

Uncover the secrets of prime ministers' and presidents' planes and how these world leaders travel the world in style.


Unearth The Enigma: 8 Places Where You Can See Mummies In India

Discover the locations in India where you can encounter mummies and delve into their intriguing histories.


Enjoy Mesmerising Views Of The Himalayas On These Iconic Train Journeys

If you are intrigued by the Himalayan ranges in India, then you can witness some of the most splendid views on a train to the Himalayas. 


Encounter Whales In The Wild At These Top Whale-Watching Destinations Across The World

We have listed the best whale-watching destinations in the world where you can witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Southeast Asia

Explore The Natural Wonders Hidden Beneath The Surface At These Caves In Malaysia

From the world-renowned Batu Caves to the Sarawak Chamber of Gunung Mulu National Park, explore these magnificent caves in Malaysia.


Cartoons To Tea: Enjoy A Ride In These 10 Uniquely-Themed Japanese Trains

From Pikachu to Thomas The Tank Engine, these unique trains in Japan will take you on journey that you will never forget.

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