Trips Soneva Soul Offers Transformative Wellness Fusing Ancient Healing with Modern Science in the Maldives

Soneva Soul Offers Transformative Wellness Fusing Ancient Healing with Modern Science in the Maldives

Discover a harmonious blend of ancient healing wisdom and modern innovations at Soneva Soul, where bespoke journeys. 


By T+L SEA Staff Published on Nov 14, 2023, 08:00 PM

Soneva Soul Offers Transformative Wellness Fusing Ancient Healing with Modern Science in the Maldives

Soneva Soul offers wellness designed to get results while reconnecting mind, body and soul.

STEP INTO A REALM OF DEEP HEALING at Soneva’s Maldivian resorts, where the Soneva Soul concept has made Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani coveted destinations for transformative wellness experiences.

Soneva Soul
Photo by Aksham Abdul Gadhir

Indulge in bespoke journeys that last from three days to two weeks, each tailored to your needs and guided by resident experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and naturopathy. The addition of cutting-edge integrative medicine, invigorating fitness sessions, and holistic nutrition make it a comprehensive retreat.

The Foundation Programme works to reset and recharge you in three days. The transformative Sleep Programme optimises sleep health and overall well-being by combining targeted treatments with cutting-edge solutions, and the revitalising Detox Programme restores optimal metabolic function with a nourishing menu free of dairy, gluten and refined carbohydrates.

Soneva Soul
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Soneva’s approach to wellness fuses ancient healing traditions with modern science. Alongside traditional therapies, guests can explore innovative treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and cryotherapy.

Guided by the principle of ‘lifestyle evolution’, Soneva Soul empowers you to realise your greatest potential in the stunning surrounds of the Maldives.

Soneva Fushi

Soneva Soul
Photo by Stevie Mann

The Soneva Soul complex at Soneva Fushi is designed to reflect its serene surroundings in the island’s lush jungle. Its tranquil setting is reflected in the two-storey building’s design, which is centred around a water feature. A plethora of treatment rooms, including Ayurvedic consultation and treatment spaces, beauty rooms, and a flotation tank are connected by picturesque stepping stones and walkways.

Guests can relax before or after treatments in sound pods that play meditative music or aroma pods that surround them with atomised essential oils. The wellness destination offers Ayurvedic remedies, yoga, massages, body treatments, vitamin therapy, and integrative medicine, including auto-haemotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, cryotherapy, prolotherapy, and platelet-rich plasma therapy. 

Soneva Jani

At Soneva Jani’s Soneva Soul centre, wellness seekers have two complexes to choose from — the original Overwater Spa and the new Island Spa.

Whether you prefer panoramic views of the turquoise lagoon from the Island Spa’s yoga pavilion and meditation platform or to indulge in rejuvenating rituals at the Overwater Spa, both options offer open-air treatment rooms with the calming sounds of ocean waves.

Start each day meditating on soft white sands with either group or one-to-one yoga sessions. Go for a relaxing stroll along raised walkways that wind through the Island Spa’s treetops, which also house relaxation areas, consultation rooms, and suites dedicated to state-of-the-art integrative medicine therapies and functional fitness. Consult with resident experts, visiting wellness specialists and healers from around the world to help you realign your wellness goals and provide guidance and support throughout your journey.

Transformative Wellness Offerings

Photo by Sandro Bruecklmeier

Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of ancient healing wisdom and modern innovation at Soneva Soul. This sanctuary of wellness offers an array of transformative experiences that promote true healing and health. 

Integrative medicine combines traditional practices with scientific advancements to optimise well-being while regenerative therapies heal you from the inside and restore vitality. Mindful movement fosters a profound connection between the physical and spiritual self and creative nutrition supports wellness through plant-based cuisine and adaptogenic foods. To fuse the mind-body experience, serene spaces offers an ideally calming retreat experience.

Soneva Soul
Photo by Stevie Mann

To elevate the offerings even further, Soneva Soul has introduced a new range of health-supporting and beautifying programmes to leave you revitalised and radiant. Nutritional consultation with private tasting allows an in-house doctor to address your unique health concerns and create a four-week meal plan while skilled chefs prepare a personalised tasting menu. Constitutional hydrotherapy assists with digestive issues, respiratory conditions, broken bones, and headaches through therapeutic water treatments. The deeply indulgent medicinal herb bath soothes body and mind, eases sore muscles, and promotes restful sleep.

For those looking to enhance their beauty, skin rejuvenation offers microneedling, intradermal PRP injections, and medical ozone therapy that improves skin quality, minimises fine lines and wrinkles, and enhances suppleness. Localised fat reduction lets you achieve a perfect silhouette using medical ozone to break up fatty tissue and lip enhancement treatment combines nanoneedling and PRP exfoliation to reduce lines and endow youthful fullness. 

Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani offer wellness seekers the chance to immerse themselves in a harmonious blend of healing wisdom and modern innovation through the Soneva Soul concept. 

The resorts offer an extensive range of wellness treatments, state-of-the-art integrative medicine and bespoke programmes that enable guests to relax and move forward on their healing journeys. 

For more information on Soneva Soul‘s Transformative Wellness, please visit: soneva.com/soneva-soul

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Images courtesy of Soneva.

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